System100™ Software Features

Review System100 Software features and discover the new “Brain Trust” for your business. System100 is a feature-rich, browser-based cloud solution that streamlines your business for growth. Therefore, increasing profitability while removing inefficiency and waste. We designed System100 to be a software that can organize any small to midsize business in a matter of months.

Each System listed in these features can be turned ON or OFF by the user.

You choose and implement the features that are best for your business. For example, if you have Job Tracking Software you currently use, then you can turn off System100’s JobTraxx™. We have many clients who use System100  for organization and quality control, i.e. ISO clients. In short, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

Our mission is to remove frustrations in business, by implementing one system at a time for clients.  Therefore, the features here, contain the systems that can remove chaos, and business frustrations from your company. Start today, bring your business to order and greatness, with System100™!

System100™ Hallmarks - Service & Support

Training on SYSTEM100
The most important feature – Seven LIVE Sessions.
Cloud Based
It’s the future of software — the future of business!
Backup Every 4 Hours
Document Design Coaching
Document and Process designing with a specialist!
UNLD Phone & Email Support
You deserve RADICAL unlimited support!
Speeds up access to features in System100™.

Production & Service

Quality Control System
Guarantee your promise of quality and service.
Daily Routine Checklists
Know what everyone’s doing in your company.
System Override
Tracking of software systems being bypassed.
Work Order / Estimate
Estimate Jobs- Sign & Submit Online
Turn into Invoice
Production Calendars
Keeps everyone in the organization informed and connected.
Repair Request System
For submitting and tracking requests and repairs.
Online – Real-time – Tracking – Scheduling.
The System Buster Locator
Locate and eliminate events causing errors/mistakes.
Scoreboards – Charts
Post Important Information on Big Screen TV’s.
Create Invoice from Work Order
Send Customer a Copy from Phone
Preventive Maintenance
A system for managing & tracking maintenance.
Job Ticket / Work Order Update
Online tracking and submitting of updates.
With Tablet or Smartphone, Track Employee Labor.
Inventory / Requisition System
Online submitting – tracking Assets & Consumables.
Waste Charts
Track WASTE and CHAOS – Measure improvements.
quickbook_featureiconQuickBooks Integration
Integration of Job Financial and Contacts
Fleet Management
Proactive Maintenance & Repairs
Label Request
Document management system for labels!

Organization - Administration

Choose and manage the systems your company will use.
Task / Projects Management
Turn Slow Downs into Touch Downs! Use Your Brain-Trust
Company Calendars
Keeps everyone in the organization informed and connected.
Post great-looking companywide memos.
Suggestions for Improvement
Submit suggestions online directly to management.
Opinion Polls
Learn the opinions of what people REALLY think.

Document Management

NEW! The ultimate business document designing tool. Create and edit online.
Document Change / Update Ensures everyone is using the latest revisions.
Operations Manual
SOP Templates ready to go or edit. Don’t start from scratch.
Document Management-RepositoryDocument Management – Repository
Organize documents – Set up Departments & Folders.
Build Your Own System
If you can think it, then you can build it! Our software can make it happen.

Human Resources

Request for Leave
Online submitting, tracking and reporting.
Absent / Tardy
Online submitting, tracking and reporting.
Employee Evaluation System
Evaluate your Employees… built for all employees by employers.

Sales & Marketing

Contact Management
Customers – Prospects – Vendors and much more.
Sales Daily Routine Checklist
Online submitting, tracking daily activities.
Calendars for Salespeople
Keeps everyone in the organization informed and connected.


Manage links to frequently visited news sites.
Photo Gallery
Managing and uploading company photos.
Self-Help Tips
Manage links to external documents or sites.
Delivery & Pickup System
Online submitting, tracking of deliveries and pickups.
Bill of Lading
Online submitting, tracking and reporting. Track progress & efficiency.