System100™ Request for Leave

System100 Request for LeaveThe System100 Request for Leave system ensures that multiple employees are not requesting leave approval at the same time. Moreover, it will avoid employees being out during period when, i.e. a large order scheduled.

Does the following statement from a supervisor, sound familiar?

“Where, in heaven’s name, is Frank? “We have a large order that’s been on this week’s schedule for months, and we need every hand on deck!” “Nobody told me he was on vacation this week.” “Not to mention, we can’t do this job without him.” Hmmm.

System100 Request for Leave – Prevents Surprises for Management

Nobody likes surprises, therefore, if an employee’s request APPROVED, the system automatically displays the leave on the System100™ Calendar for everyone in the company to see. In addition, if the request, NOT APPROVED, the supervisor can send a message back to the user who submitted request, with the reason for non-approval.

Therefore, everyone knows who will be out on leave. Especially those with authority to approve leaves. More importantly, both supervisor and employee sign the Request for Leave. Another key point is, having in place a prompt, to remind employees to submit a Request for Leave when time. There, you should read about the Daily Routine Checklist and watch our Demo Video.

Other Elements
• Auto Numbering
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable