System100 Photo Gallery

System100 Photo Gallery With the System100 Photo Gallery supports uploading company photos i.e. picnics, parties, special guest visits and landmark events, etc. Show new hires the history of the organization which is a great motivational tool!


Some Say a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

With today’s digital cameras, there shouldn’t be an excuse for not showing everyone, the progress the organization has made, the roads journeyed. Not to mention, the before and after photos of various improvement, etc.

Don’t forget that company photos can also we loaded into the Scoreboards – Charts – Bulletin Boards System.

This system can display photos of company events rotated on large High Definition Television Monitors. With the cost of these large format monitors falling this becomes a no-brainer! When you think of the thousands of pictures stored on phones, it would be nice for everyone to see. Employees want to be part of a family and using the photo gallery and the Bulletin Board System shows everyone favorites shots. With Facebook popularity, this is more proof that people love photos of family, pets, vacations and their work. Show clients the history in photos of your company early beginnings and triumphs. So why let great photos sit in a phone, it time for the whole world to see them.


Other Elements
• Unlimited Categories
• Unlimited Albums
• Can be hidden-Turned Off/ON

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System100™ is constantly being improved and enhanced with new features. Many suggestion for new features, like the system100 photo gallery  are recommendations of clients. We are always open to your suggestions when you become a client of System100™. In addition, our JobTraxx™ system also has a feature that you can upload job photos. We have clients that upload photos of problem areas of a job, before and after photo of a job. It is very important to have photo’s when having to defend your company from a possible liable situation.