System100™ Dashboard – The Organizer

System100™ DashboardSystem100™ Dashboard helps you break your organization or business into Departments. In addition, each Department has its own Menu Bar with systems related to the department. Furthermore, each Department has its Document Folders with documents relating that department; whereby, employees can access these systems and documents in a matter of seconds. Consequently, time is saved, not to mention, less interruptions by employees, because they can quickly locate information needed to do their job.


Hot Buttons for Saving Time

How many clicks are needed, and pages to open, before getting to what I’m looking for? Are We There Yet?

Our customizable Hot Buttons (Name, Order, Color and Link) on the System100™ Dashboard are the Fast-Track/Hot Buttons to System100™’s internal systems, outside sites, documents or landing pages. Hence, the buttons avoid multiple clicks to access needed areas by Users.


This is Not a Big Deal Right?

Employees routinely interrupt owners and managers, seeking information to do their job. For example, they may ask an owner for the name and number of the company that does the plumbing, or certain equipment repair. In short, they need a problem or an emergency  resolved. Does this sound familiar?

You can keep getting frustrating and unnecessary interruptions, or stop them by giving your employees a system; one that empowers them to handle the problem without your input. Hundreds of “small” frustrations lead to big headaches and sleepless night for owners and managers. Some would call this chaos! 

As an illustration, an ole proverb comes to mind; something about “death from a thousand cuts.”


Reduce Business Frustrations One-System-at-a-Time

One of the Hot Buttons on the System100™ Dashboard is for Emergency Numbers, which gives users of the organization quick and easy access to emergency numbers contained inside the System100™ Contact Management System.

This small frustration of interruptions… STOPPED!


Other Small Frustration-Stopping Systems

  • Tasks – This is not normal daily activities
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Company Calendars
  • Company Memos
  • Internal Email
  • CRM- Contact Relations Management
  • System Administration
  • Helps Menu
  • Etc.


There are many more Frustration-Stopping Systems in System100.