Label Request System | Can Keep OSHA Happy

System100 Label Request SystemPut an end to unlabeled, or non-readable items, in your business by using System100 Label Request System for keeping labels up-to-date.Labeling is very important in the 100% System of Cleanliness, 5S Program in Lean Management, and OSHA regulations.


Has OSHA Surprised You with a Visit Lately?

If so, did you have any fear the inspector would find a chemical bottle or other items in your company NOT labeled, or the label was non-readable?

Consequently, I don’t have to tell you what that could cost, especially if OSHA found multiple infractions. The System100 label request system can prevent the unthinkable from happening! In fact, that’s why the label system was developed. Not to mention, labels are great for organizing the assets of a business.

FYI, we had a surprise visit from OSHA.


System100 Label Request System in Action

A user can submit a request for a label, that is currently in the system, or request a new version or label be created. Whereby, the Label System attaches the requested label to an email; thereby, it forwards it to the Label Administrator. As a result, the Label Administrator can simply open the label document, and print the quantity requested. To clarify, the label administrator is usually the person who has access to a good label printer.


System100™ DocDesigner™ Creates Great Looking Labels

If the Label Administrator receives a request for a label that is not currently in the system, they can create a label right on the spot.

Simply amazing, not to mention it may save you thousands in OSHA fines.


Other Elements
• Easy requesting a label with drop downs screen
• Request for a label emailed to person making and distributing labels
• Order Information and History
• Search by Document Number, Department or Style
• Repository of existing labels categorized by departments
• Preview of Labels