System100™ – Cloud Based Computing

System100™ – Cloud ComputingIt’s the future of software; therefore, the future of business! System100™ – Cloud Computing is using software located at a remote facility via the Internet.

When we first began developing System100™ – Cloud Computing Solution for bringing a business to order, we wanted to be sure we were viable for the future.

We determined that the hosted, browser-based software platform was easily the most convenient and affordable way to get System100™ into the hands of owners of small- to mid-sized businesses.

No software in a box … no special hardware to purchase … and also no burdensome directions for installation. We wanted our application accessible for customers from anywhere on the planet.


Other Terms to Describe Hosted Online Software Solutions:

Cloud Computing – The term cloud used as a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud Computing is using/running an application/software from a a remote facility, by using your Internet browser.

Browser-Based Software – A Web application/app accessed via a Web browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome).

SaaS (Software as a Service) – Typically pronounced “sass” – is a model of software deployment; whereby, a provider licenses an application to customers for use, as a service-on-demand.

Hosted Application – Software/app that is hosted from a remote facility, and accessible via the Internet.


Benefits of the Hosted Solution | System100™ – Cloud Computing

• Lower cost
• Pay as you go; therefore, you know the exact cost
• No software to install
• Software updates are automatic; therefore, you have immediate access to latest versions
• New versions released more frequently, and more reliably
• No Servers to purchase or update every few years; therefore, maintenance is a non-issue
• No IT personnel/department; not to mention, no team of experts needed
• More feature requests implemented from users
• Small businesses are, therefore, on par with large businesses, due to scaling
• Little to no downtime
• Very low security risk
• No backup cost and no concerns
• You can be up and running in a matter of hours
• Accessible from the Internet anywhere in the world
• Flexibility and scalability

Businesses everywhere are running online applications (apps) like HR, CRM, MIS. Not to mention, applications like System100™, which is a BPM (Business Process Management) solution.

We are thankful to be among those who have pioneered the online hosted method; also delivering solutions to the business world. Furthermore, this was long before the term “cloud computing” was popularized.


The Future of Software — The Future of Business!

You simply LOG-ON, customize it to fit your company—and you’re up and running!
We decided to go online with our application in 2005, and have been continually improving our award-winning System100™ Business Process Management software ever since.