System100™ Quality Control System

System100™ Quality Control SystemThe System100™ Quality Control System is an online and paperless system. Therefore, allowing you to create and edit any quality control checklist that users submit directly online to anyone assigned as administrator, i.e. a Quality Manager, Production or Service Manager. In addition, our database used for archival and reporting purposes will store all submitted digital checklists. A powerful tool for Job Shop Management and those with small manufacturing companies.

However, if you prefer hard-copy QC Checklists, simply print and distribute. To emphasize, users can fill out checklists and return to their respective supervisor, or place them in a designated location i.e. a Job Jacket.

A Quality Control System is a checklist or a series of checklists with specific prompts that assure completion of a process or multiple processes with zero errors. Production and service errors cost companies thousands of dollars in waste. Therefore, this can be the difference between failure and success, especially in poor economic times. As a result, companies should protect their bottom-line by implementing Quality Assurance in every area of their business.


Without a Quality Control System You Can’t Guarantee Quality or Service

Quality Control Checklists are crucial to any company that promises quality and service. To clarify, you may not be a manufacturer, but every company and organization has a product it is selling or promoting. As a result, a product may be a service, but without a Quality Checklist system, you CANNOT GUARANTEE your quality of service. In fact, quality should be the hallmark of Business Process Management.


Difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality Control is for controlling the quality of a product and Quality Assurance is the control of a process. However, many people do use the terms for both applications. In conclusion, main thing is to know these systems work and they save a lot of frustrations.

Other Elements
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable

Reports for a Given Period
• Job No.and also Job Ticket No.
• By Employee who submits QC Checklist
• By Types of QC Checklist