System100 Repair Request System

The System100 Repair Request System will totally replace equipment manual log books. It tracks parts ordered and parts replaced, etc.—everything you need to track for a repair. Have you ever noticed that the unexpected seems to happen just when the production pressure is at its peak, and a key machine or work-center breaks down?

Now the whole production process goes into a tailspin. That’s when the fingers come out, and the pointing and blaming begins, “I told so-and-so that my machine was acting funny, and no one did anything about it.” Sound familiar?


Stop Equipment Abuse and Waste

STOP IT—by using our online system for tracking all repair requests and repairs made to equipment, building, trucks etc.

Many breakdowns on equipment happen, because there’s not a Repair Request System in place. Therefore, equipment and other company assets are not kept up to specs, consistently. Consequently, action happens when the equipment break-down occurs.

However, the cost can be much higher, due to more damage to a machine. Because, the problem was not addressed as soon as someone noticed the machine was “acting funny.” Now valuable time is lost, due to a lack of a simple system.


In addition, read about our Preventive Maintenance System, to stay in front of costly repairs.


Other Elements
• Auto Numbering
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable


Reports in Given Period – Cost & Time
• By Machine
• The Employee Performing Repair
• External Person Performing Repair
• Parts & Labor