System100™ – Contact Management – CRM

System100™ - Contact Management - CRMIf customer, prospect and vendor relationships are an important key and an asset to your organization, then effective CRM policies and software are paramount which is why we have included System100™ – Contact Management – CRM.

System100™ – Contact Management – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software consolidates all contact information and contact documents into one central place for reviewing. This enables sales staff, marketing and customer service to quickly access information to make informed decisions about the contact.

Keep Sales Staff on the Same Page

Sales people should always use the company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, due to the possibility of them walking out the door and talking critical information with them. This could cost the time and money and the company would lose access to a departing sales person’s prospects and client notes. Most sale staff are paid well for prospecting, therefore this data should remain with the company.

Because System100™ CRM -Contact Relationship Management system is browser-based, it enables users access to their Customers, Prospects and Vendors etc. anywhere there is Internet.

There are other, similar online Contact Management Systems on the market (i.e. Sales Force). However, our Contact Management System rivals those others and with NO extra cost to our clients.

So, if all you were receiving for investing in System100™ was our CRM – Customer Relationship Management, this would still be a great value! System100 is more than just software, it is a tool to organize your business using a systematic method that increases the  value of a business exponentially.


Other Elements 

  • Importing and Exporting of Contacts—Excel
  • Private and Public Contacts
  • Custom Tab for Setting Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Supports Limiting the Viewing of Certain Contacts and Categories
  • Multiple Contacts within the Main Contact (i.e. Company or Vendor)
  • Content Library Stores Attached Files to Contacts
  • Notes that Sort Automatically By Date
  • Attach documents to contacts i.e. PDF, Word, Excel etc.
  • Set Up Call Backs, Follow-Ups, Appointments, Meetings that interface with the System100™ Calendar


Search Contact List By:

  • Categories
  • Users
  • Custom Fields (i.e. Number of Employees, Sales Volumes, Industry or any custom field you set-up)
  • Public or Private
  • Priority