System100 Self-Help Tips

System100 Self-Help TipsWith System100, administrators can set up links to Web sites or internal documents, to help employees do their job without interrupting management. As a result, utilizing System100 self-help tips, management will have more time to their work. Link documents or websites from the Dashboard or Department Folders.

For example, collect articles from trade magazines and other sources that help employees in the organization to continually improve. Administrators can scan and link them or just directly link them to the article with ease.


Sales and Marketing Is Written About More Than Any Other Subject

Every sales department should have scanned articles added to their department’s document repository by simply creating a folder called, Articles and Tips.

For example, Sales and Marketing Articles & Tips. We have hundreds of these type documents loaded in our System100 Site that we’ve collected over the years. Yes, we use our software for organizing Ebiz Products, LLC.

Sales Managers know, they must encourage the sales team constantly. Also, they must sometimes prompt the team back to the fundamentals of selling. As a result, by having sales material such a articles and tips instantly accessible, a team can continually improve and grow the business.


Help Management Train and Encourage Employees

Obviously, all self-help tips are not for every person in the organization. Therefore, organize articles and tips into departments folders, along with the Company-wide folder.

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