System100™ – Delivery / Pickup System

System100™ - Delivery / Pickup SystemA time saving online System100™ Delivery / Pickup System for your delivery drivers, manages daily deliveries and pickups. In addition, it serves as a drivers Daily Routine Checklist.


Entering a Pickup / Delivery Only Takes Seconds

The Delivery & Pickup system integrates into the System100™ Contact Management System. Therefore, pulling customers and vendor into a drop-down list for pickups and deliveries.

Drivers no longer need to go to Customer Service or Production area to receive last minute instructions before leaving on their route. In addition, they can review their individual daily Delivery and Pickup schedule. Because, it’s all happening in REAL TIME.

If you driver has a laptop with remote access to the Internet? GREAT!

Since this system is ONLINE, the driver can log-in to System100™, checking to see if any new pickups added to their list, before coming back to the shop. Therefore, saving time and energy! GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!


How does it handle rush pickups or deliveries?

Simply log-in, add the pickup, it only takes seconds. As a result, the delivery driver is walking into your office, before you know it, with the item you requested. Furthermore, no one need to be interrupted.

At the end of day, the delivery driver completes this daily routine checklist and clicks SUBMIT. Whereby, the system automatically creates a PDF of the Pickup & Delivery document, emailing it to management for review. As a result, the information stores in the System100™ database for reviewing and printable reports.


Other Elements

• Auto Numbering
• Searchable by Keyword and also Assigned Number
• Destination Searchable
• Supports Multiple Trucks and also Drivers.
• Renew Licenses Tag Reminder and also Oil Change Reminder

Reports for a Given Period

• Total mileage – All Trucks
• By Truck, Total Mileage, Oil changes, Cost of Fuel
• By Driver, Total Mileage
• Deliveries/Pickups by destination and date made
• Pickups Only
• Deliveries Only


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