System100™ – Employee Evaluation System

System100™ - Employee Evaluation SystemThe System100™, Employee Evaluation System is online, paperless, and editable online. Time is a big issue for management, when it comes to conducting employee evaluations. Because, filling out multi-page documents can be tedious and time consuming. Therefore, Employee Evaluations neglect is normal.


This System Created with Build Your Own System Feature and DocDesigner™

In fact, we created this system without the need of our programming team. The Evaluation System was set-up in a few minutes using our “Build Your Own System” feature. In addition, this custom system, supports multiple evaluation documents for various positions. You can see how this tool works when viewing our Video Demo.

The good news is, by using System100’s DocDesigner™ feature—to create evaluation documents that incorporate a series of radio buttons and drop-downs—makes completing even those multi-page evaluations simple and fast!

In fact, each radio button and drop-down are customizable to mirror the assessment values and attributes of any company. This saves hours of filling in the same information over and over by hand, especially when processing several evaluations.


Employee Evaluations Can Be Completed in Stages

Also, a helpful feature of this system, as with many of our systems, allows a supervisor to BEGIN an evaluation and then to submit it to In Progress—giving them the opportunity to come back to it later when they have more time or want to add additional information to an employee’s evaluation.

Many companies know the importance of evaluating personnel. Also, many employees look forward to and welcome an evaluation. Most employees want to know what management thinks of their performance and how they can improve. In conclusion, it shows employees that management cares!


Other Elements
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable


Reports in Given Period by
• Supervisor Evaluating
• Person Being of Evaluated
• Types of Evaluations


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