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The System100™ BPM software refers to Business Process Management — a powerful tool for Small Manufacturing and Service Companies with cutting edge business management solutions! In addition, it’s not only BPM software, but also contains features found in large ERP, MIS and CRM systems.

In other words, System100™ has multiple integrated features; the most efficient tools to operate a business from front to back. Moreover, it’s user-friendly, assuring easy staff training, so a business can hit the ground running in a matter of days.

BPM softwareService & Production Management | Scheduling

Schedule jobs, services, projects with our Production Scheduling and Tracking features. This is perfect for a small manufacturing or service company seeking systematization.

Quality Assurance Systems for Waste Reduction

Not every BPM Software features a Quality Assurance System that contains online checklists, assuring correct performance of work. Just this one feature would return the cost of our software by removing nine types of waste.

Anyone looking to grow a business knows that QUALITY will separate a business from its competitors. In fact, with System100™ and its numerous tools/features, implementing Total Quality in all phases of a business is easy!

Human Resources Management Systems

People do not like being micro-managed. With this tool, you manage the systems, which in turn, will manage the people.  For this reason, System100™ BPM software features Daily Routine Checklists systems, Calendars, Request for Leave systems, Orientation systems, Quality Control systems and many other systems for personnel management. Most importantly, these systems put the owner in control of the business, by giving him or her eyes via systems.

What is BPM Software

BPM Software – business process management enables a small business to use a system of integrated software features to manage every department, employees, service and production. In other words, it automates most business processes usually done manually, for online management. To be sure, every business that wants to grow and scale, without the pain, should invest in great software.

Create Custom Business Systems | System100™ Hallmark

A ground-breaking part of System100™ is, owners and managers can make countless changes, and create custom systems, without the need of custom programming. As a result, it allows System100™ BPM software to mirror the way any business operates.

In conclusion, there is much more we could share with you, but Seeing is believing, so take a look!

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