process-managementWhat is Business Process Management?

BPM (Business process management) is bringing a business to order using a systematic approach. Which is a method of developing step-by-step processes of how a business operates from opening to closing.

Also, this is sometimes referred to as “turn-keying a business,” i.e. MacDonald’s or Toyota. Furthermore, these step-by-step processes of how a business operates should be assembled in a company’s operations manual, either digital or paper.

Continuing, an operations manual should contain a variety of documents for the operations of a business. For example, procedures, policies, quality control checklists, service control checklists, asset inventory, daily routine checklists for all employees, job descriptions, human resource documents, customer experience mapping and client on-boarding checklists, etc.

The Documented Workflow of a Business

Step-by-step processes are also known as the “workflow” or “the work” of a company. Which makes System100™ the ideal Business Process Management software because of one of it’s unique tools, called DocDesigner™ that can edit or build all of the above mentioned documents. System100™ also features a special Document Management System that ensures all the documents located in the company’s operation manual remain organized.

Example: By departments, folders, revisions, users, types, etc. In addition, a feature called the System Buster Locator in System100™ plays a major role in the continual improvement process of ensuring all business processes are updated and optimized. Because of all the tools mentioned on this page, we can say emphatically that… System100™ is “The Organizer.”


Benefits of Continual Improvement and Implementing Business Process Management (BPM):

  • Market value of your company is substantially increased
  • More time to work “on” the business to ensure growth
  • More profit with fewer mistakes
  • Fewer and more productive meetings
  • Fewer and more effective managers
  • More productive employees
  • More peaceful work environment
  • Employee turnover reduced
  • Customer turnover reduced
  • Production through-put is shortened with less exertion
  • More time and resources to give back to the community
  • More time to serve customers and address their concerns
  • Once totally implemented, it’s easy to manage and sustain
  • More time for your personal life

Isn’t more time for a personal life and financial freedom the dream of most business owners?

Take a Tour of a Company which Implemented BPM

Our founder transferred to his two eldest sons; a company that totally implemented Business Process Management to a very high level. It has sustained the level on this video for over twenty years. Still going!

You be the Judge if Continual Improvement using Business Process Management is Worth it.