System100™ – Administration Tools

System100™ - Administration ToolsSystem100™ Administration Tools offer you an ever-increasing amount of customization and configuration options; therefore, making it easy to integrate System100™ in your business


Manage System100™ – Administration Tools with Ease.

As Administrator of System100™’s feature-rich Toolbox, YOU are able to choose which features/systems your company will use. In addition, you can manage User’s permissions to limit access to specific areas. You can also set-up and name departments and document folders inside of those departments that reflect your organization. As a result, within minutes you begin to experience the power of great systems at work! Not to mention, you will quickly discover, how you can customize System100™ to mirror your business.


All Systems Can Be Turned ON or OFF as Needed

Turn any feature/system ON or OFF as needed, with just a click. More importantly, there’s NO EXTRA COST for these ALL INCLUSIVE features/systems.


System100™ is FEATURE-RICH

System100™ features enable you to systematize and organize any type business in a matter of months.

  • Assign or delegate the administration of certain features/systems to other managers or supervisors.
  • Set permissions, control access to sensitive information.Therefore, limiting access to specific and/or sensitive areas.
  • Set up Users and assign them to one or more departments, as this makes efficient communication easy by organizing Users with related needs.
  • Limit User’s access to System100™ to inside your building only, or give them access anywhere in the world.

Another key point is, our software trainers and software support team are just a phone call or email away. We want to serve you with our excellent support.


Other Elements

  • Password Protected
  • User Permissions Administration