System100 Opinion Polls – Take the Pulse of Your Employees

System100 Opinion PollsPolls encourage feedback from your employees, by asking for their opinions. A company can gain valuable insight into their business. Learn what people REALLY think using System100’s Opinion Polls. You’ve heard the old adage, “The truth can set you free.” It’s difficult to improve or fix issues in your business unless you get down to the TRUTH.

Get suggestions for new product ideas, or when to hold the next company picnic. As a result, right from your desktop, anywhere you have access to the Internet, you can set up opinion polls and request opinions, address employee issues, and conduct surveys.

In addition, these polls ensure you are making better-informed decisions in an instant—with a real time feedback chart. We’re talking RIGHT NOW!


System100 Opinion Polls | Learn What’s the Brain-Trust Thinks

Add to your company’s “brain trust” by tapping into valuable information and ideas of your employees and co-workers.

Involve employees who work from home, or sales people who are on the road in your business; always remembering that System100™ in browser based—meaning you administrate and set-up opinion polls all ONLINE.

In conclusion, don’t be content with ordinary, get the opinion of your “Brain Trust”, but lead with purpose, not consensus.


Other Elements
• Unlimited polls and questions
• Turn Polls on/off with a click
• Store old polls for use later