System100™ Absent/Tardy System

System100™ - Absent/TardySystem100™ – Absent/Tardy System is for employee tracking and reporting on those tardy, or taking days off without requesting leave in advance. In addition, with System100™ no one has an excuse of NOT requesting leave. Because, System100™ features a Request for Leave System.


Know Anyone With a Habit of Arriving Late, and Making Umpteen Excuses?

Excuses like — “My dog chewed up my alarm clock, and on the way to the office I was stopped by a train, causing me to run out of gas, and then I was going to call the shop on my cell phone, but the batteries died and I didn’t have any change for the payphone. Sorry!”
What do you say or do when it happens?

Utilize our System100™ – Absent/Tardy solution for breaking these habits, or at least track the number of times people are absent/tardy. Whereby, you can make an informed decision about whether someone can continue the bad behavior. In addition, using this system, it’s easy to pull a report and use the information when it’s time for the employee’s evaluation.


Other Elements of System100™ – Absent/Tardy
• Auto Numbering
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable (Identify Recurring Excuses)
• Can be hidden-Turned Off/ON


Reports in a Given Period
• Number of Days Absent/Tardy by Employee
• Number of Days Absent/Tardy by All Employees
• Excused or