System100 Waste Charts

System100 Waste ChartsTrack the cost of waste and all non-conformances with our System100 Waste Charts, bench-marking system. As a result, everyone in the company will see at-a-glance, via graphs and data, the cost of waste. They can see the cost of waste in time, dollars, and by ratios-to-sales. In addition, this waste chart system was also designed for tracking and measuring continual improvements in an organization. Moreover, these charts can be seen and displayed on large screen TV monitors for company-wide viewing.


Need Proof that Systems Work?

When employees can witness with their own eyes the progress a company is making in the continual improvement process, it is a powerful motivational tool! Furthermore, it also shows at-a-glance what systems need improvement. Management won’t need to convince the naysayers that systems work, everyone will be able to see they work. In conclusion, that takes the burden off of management and puts the ball in the naysayers court. Therefore, if a naysayer-type employee starts negative conversation about why systems are not useful, you can show them the door to the world of confusion.


Charts for a Given Period – Months, Year-to-date and Previous Year
• Non-Conforming Events
• Rework Due to Error