System100™ The System Buster Locator

System100™ The System Buster Locator

What is a System100™ The System Buster Locator?

Any event that causes errors/mistakes, miscommunications, late deliveries, poor quality products, clutter from poor housekeeping, equipment failure, etc. in your business—that’s a System Buster!

Another word I often use is—CHAOS!

When we’re not dealing with disorder in our OWN business—we have more time to serve our customers—more time to GROW our business.
The answer to stopping the System Busters is our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use-and-administrate system, designed to identify and find the root cause of system-busting, non-conforming events—and eliminate them permanently.

Continually improving, transforming and bringing order to a business or organization, the System Buster locator empowers everyone in the organization to be involved in correcting and improving the business processes—as a team.

The System Buster locator also functions as a follow-up system, ensuring employees consistent and efficient use of the company’s processes (i.e. Quality & Service Control Systems, Procedures, Policies, HR Systems, and Maintenance Systems, etc.). The System Buster locator also contains a powerful reporting system that measures waste in time and dollars, giving management a much-needed tool to benchmark progress. The name/title of this system (System Buster) can be changed to fit your company’s culture.

Other Elements

• Auto Numbering
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable
• Name/Title of this System can be renamed
• Adding Unlimited Reasons/Reason-Codes for Reporting

Reports in a Given Period

• Total Cost and Time Lost
• Company-wide Personal Errors
• Company-wide System Errors
• Employee with Personal Errors
• Employee with System Errors
• Department with Personal Errors
• Department with System Errors
• Reason/Reason Codes

Reports on Events in a Given Period

• Non-Conforming Events
• Predictable Events
• Unpredictable Events
• Changes made to Systems/Documents
• Employee Submitting and Number Of Times
• Employee and Reason for Submission