System100™ Daily Routine Checklist

System100 Daily Routine ChecklistSystem100 Daily Routine Checklist is one of the most effective tools for organizing a business or organization. It is a detailed list of duties, in the approximate order an employee performs them (checked off after each completed task), from the time they arrive at work until they leave. In addition, this prevents overlapping and redundancy of job duties.

If you ask many business owners to tell you the daily duties, step-by-step, of each of their employees, many don’t have a clue. Therefore, many things that need to be accomplished in a business on a consistent basis, never happen. Because, the duties of most employee are committed to memory. Therefore, we all know what happens with the “I’ll-try-to-remember-routine”; all forgotten.  Sadly, some accidentally and some purposely! Consequently,a business owner then has the obligation of trying to remember themselves and to keep barking out commands. Do this and do that!


A Daily Routine Checklist is a Job Description on Steroids

Many businesses present a new employee a copy of a Job Description when they first hire them. Consequently, that’s the last time it’s seen. Does that sound familiar?

With a systemized business, a Job Description should become a PROCEDURE, a daily routine checklist. No more trying to remember what an employee’s duties are, or what duties are to be completed each day, because it’s all written down in a step-by-step process.


System100 Daily Routine Checklist System

Our System100 Daily Routine Checklist System is digital and paperless. This is not a static paper document. With the System100 DocDesigner owners and managers can create/edit checklists online. In addition, users can submit their daily checklist directly online to another person (i.e. supervisor or manager). Therefore, nothing is left to chance with our Daily Routine system. To further emphasize, sometimes a Daily Routine is not so routine.


Linking to Other Procedures, Polices, etc.

A unique feature of this system is that every Daily Routine Checklist becomes its own dashboard. It can link directly to other System100™ systems and documents (i.e. procedures, policies, or other control systems to which a user needs quick access). This provides the user with the exact information they need to perform and accurately complete every prompt on their Daily Routine Checklist without direct supervision.

Every checked Item/Prompt on the checklist, can have reference numbers with a direct link to a procedure, policy or another document the user needs.

Example prompt (note the document reference number/link to the right):

Shipped all packages by FedEx SR-3039

If a person forgets a step in shipping a package, they can simply click on the number (SR-3039) and it will instantly open the procedure, giving them step-by-step instructions for how to ship by FedEx.

Can you see what a powerful training tool this can be? And more importantly, how this tool saves a company time and money by reducing constant interruptions from employees seeking information from owners, managers or others? For more information, see our Video Demo.


Other Elements

  • Searchable by Assigned Number
  • Keyword Searchable


Reports in Given Period

  • By Employee submitting DR Checklist
  • By Types of DR Checklist