System100™ – System Override Approval

system overrideSystem100 System Override tool is for tracking bypassed systems for a special reason. This system allows management to permit an employee to deviate or bypass a company system i.e. Quality Control Checklist, Procedure or Policy etc. However, using this System Override, it’s done in a systematic way!


Too Rushed to Slow Down!

Does the following statement sound familiar?

“Who told Joe he did NOT have to follow our quality procedure? Who told him to do what HE thinks is best, due to a RUSH situation?”

A customer has an emergency order; whereby, there is no time to process the order using the normal process. So, many times, we go back to the old way of doing things.

With the System Override tool, a manager can submit a signed “System Override form” and give it to an employee for their records. The Override document gives an employee permission to bypass (i.e.) the normal quality control protocol, without penalty.

Consequently, at this point, the responsibility for quality control is directly on management.


Tracking Bypassed Systems is a System

If overriding systems becomes the NORM, then the processes, the systems for the company, need to be reevaluated, improved and updated.

The main reason for developing the override system was to prevent management from giving verbal instructions, to bypass certain processes, without upper management knowing. In addition, verbal OKs are not track-able. Furthermore, VERBAL OKs encourage system bypasses to become the norm.

Allowing employees to bypass systems with a wink and a nod, is a very undesirable event. Thereby, if not corrected, leading to legitimate excuses by employees, whenever errors occur, for which they are responsible.


We had a customer call the System Override a “Get out of Jail Free Pass”


Other Elements

  • Auto Numbering
  • Can Turned Off/ON
  • Assigned Number
  • Key Word Searchable
  • Job Number Searchable