System100™ Tasks – Projects Management

Tasks-Projects ManagementThe System100™ Tasks-Projects Management system for managing task/projects can turn “Slow Downs” into “Touch Downs!”

Use the untapped brain power in your organization effectively. As a result, transform your company from good to great by using all the brain power you can get. However, you must have a system to delegate certain tasks and projects to those in your company who have specific skills.

So, there is a slowdown in business, instead of sending an employee home it would be better to have them do a project for the company. Again, especially those who have skills to move the company forward. To be certain, we are not talking about regular daily job duties. This is about someone who can do, i.e. mechanic work, painting, plumbing, or someone who exhibits a desire to go into sales, etc. Moreover, we are not talking about “busy work”, we are discussing a task/project that can save the company money. Therefore, making the company money buy not having to go outside the company. As a result, everyone wins!


Give Specific-Skilled Employee Something to Do!

This can save the company money and may expose a real talent you want to use on a regular basis.

However, staying informed of the progression of task is key. Moreover, you need an effective tool—you need a Tasks-Projects Management System. We have it and use it!

To help with the positive transformation of your organization through delegation, System100 Task Management System for administering tasks/projects for your employees is the answer. In short, don’t leave the results to chance by simply trying to “remember” what needs done.


Use Tasks-Projects Management to Move Up, During Slow Downs!

What normally happens to a suggestion for improvement, received by management, is that they’re forgotten—because there’s no system—it’s all left to memory. Many business owners keep a list of special task they would live to have done, however, it’s all in their head. Moreover, many business owners don’t have a list of tasks needed to be done darning slow-downs. Therefore,  when an employee offers up a good affordable suggestion, good for business it normally long forgotten. For the simple reason, there is no system in place for special TASKS. However, if a system was in place, there’s a good chance of it being implemented.


Can’t Sleep Due to Business Frustrations?

If an idea comes in the middle of the night for a task that needs done. Since System100™ is all online, log-in to Tasks-Projects Management system and assign the task; automatically system send email notification to the person to whom you assigned the task. Now go back to bed and get some sleep! Because, it is all in the system, no need to remember.


In conclusion, when a slow period comes and you know they will, take advantage of them.