Build Your Own System | No Programmer Needed

Build Your Own SystemIf you can think it, you can build it! As a matter of fact, not only documents, but build your own system!

To put it another way, I’m sure you thought of creating a document or form that would benefit your company or business? Therefore, you or someone in you office type out a document in Word, and voi·la, there it is!

The reason for documents are to help with the organization of  business.  Moreover they document processes to give better control of quality and service. Taking it further,  documents/forms insure  businesses receive or give out necessary information to operate effectively.


Interactive System | Administration Section | With a Few Clicks

Imagine, if you could build that document/form online from scratch, or take an existing document from our online library, tweak it a bit and within minutes have your document instantly; numbered, assigned to a department and accessible to everyone in the company, provided they have necessary permissions.

Now further imagine, if all you had to do was make a few clicks of the mouse, which would set up a NEW ONLINE system, allowing users to submit your document(s) to an administrator of your choice. In addition this new system has an administration section with reports for the new system.

In fact, you can attach many similar documents to your NEW system. Moreover, all designed by you in our DocDesigner™

Here are a few examples of what we seen other do with System100’s DocDesigner™
• Meeting Planner System
• Resignation System
• Hi Five System (atta boy)
• Lean Audit Control System
• Prayer Request
• Fax Cover Letters
• Interactive Forms of all types
• Many More