System100 Sales Person’s Daily Routine Checklist

System100 Sales Person's Daily Routine ChecklistOur customizable, System100 Sales Person’s Daily Routine Checklist for Salespeople is a management tool for tracking a Sales Person’s daily activities (i.e., suspect, prospect and customer calls. In addition, it accessible anywhere you have Internet.

It’s also a bench-marking tool to measure performance. Don’t wait until a salesperson’s been with your company a year or so, before discovering their poor sales or work ethics. Unfortunately, they may be taking advantage of the company which effects the bottom-line.


A Common Practice in Many Small Businesses

There is a need and a desire to keep track Salespersons’ activities, however there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for an owner or manager to do it. Sound familiar! Well, it’s time to automate!


How the Salesperson Daily Routine Checklist Works

When a sales person completes the online daily routine checklist and submits to management, the system automatically creates a PDF of the checklist; emailing it to management for review. It also stores the data into the System100™ database for viewable and printable graphs and other reports.

In addition, this salesperson’s daily routine checklist is totally customizable by management. Supporting the adding of unlimited prompts/checks. Most importantly, with this system in place, salespersons’ accountability for consistent sales, assured.

Must Read Article in Educational Material—The Prompt

Example of some of the prompts you can add to the checklist:
• Prospect Calls made:
• Customer Calls made:
• Number of Estimates Sent:
• Emailed Production Management informing of a prospect’s tour of facility:

Other Elements
• Auto Numbering
• Add Unlimited Number of Fields (i.e. Number of Estimates Completed)

Searchable By:
• Assigned Number
• Key Words
• Sales Person

Reports and Printable Chart by Given Date – Number of:
• Customer Calls
• Prospect Calls
• Suspect Calls