System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business

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System Busters  Eliminate errors, bottlenecks, and clean up the messes, to make your business run like a super-clean, well-oiled machine… every single day from now, until the end of time…whether you’re there or not!

Over the past dozen years, I’ve had opportunity to see the power of industry, and the efforts of many who attempted to harness that power, clash like Titans in an arena. In addition, I’ve seen my own early attempts and frustrations reflected in the faces of others who have dared to own their own business, only to find them stressed to the point of despair.
However I know, It doesn’t have to be that way!

My reason for writing this book is to show any owner who may think of his or herself as just an ordinary person… how to organize, build and grow an extraordinary business, through a systematic approach.

I spent ten years researching, considering, dissecting, building, measuring, tweaking, writing and implementing a system, to bring order to my own business. Therefore, I feel confident I can show you how you can eliminate bottlenecks, clean up messes, and make your business run like a super-clean, well-oiled machine, every single day until the end of time—whether you’re there or not!

Before writing System Busters, I tested these systems to be sure they would actually work and observed how they transform a company step-by-step.

We’ve done it!

Using our company as the prototype… we’ve been able to break down all facets of business systems that seem very complicated… into something easy to understand.

Some systems are so simple, I’m still amazed that more organizations have not implemented or even discovered them. Consequently, I have proved to myself and others that any person who is willing to put their shoulder to the wheel… and not look back… can build a successful organization that will serve, educate, and be a model of excellence to the world.

THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU… if your answer is “YES” to any of the following questions…

  • Troubled with CHAOS in your business?
  • LOSING MONEY due to wasted time and resources?
  • Stressed over MISTAKES recurring over and over?
  • MISSED DEADLINES causing panic?
  • Working LONG HOURS training and retraining personnel?
  • OVERWORKED and no time for personal life?
  • FRUSTRATED keeping your business clean and orderly?
  • Constant INTERRUPTIONS with the same questions?


  • Business Professionals who want to learn how to organize and turnkey any type
    of business or organization… service or manufacturing;
  • Those who may not have a business education or training, but
    who have the drive and vision to launch their own business;
  • Managers of small-to-large companies and organizations who
    want to improve their skills and see their company grow and
  • ENTREPRENEURS thinking of starting a business, from the
    ground up… and want it built RIGHT!

Finally, FOR THOSE OF YOU who have many years of business education
and experience…

I feel confident you will pick up a few priceless nuggets of fine gold…

They were mined under extreme pressure!