System100 Job Ticket / Work Order Update

System100 Job Ticket / Work Order UpdateSystem100 Job Ticket / Work Order Update is a tracking system for companies that manufacture or use Job Tickets/Work Orders in their operation. Whereby, production employees can participate in the continual improvement process of assuring a more efficient production process of all products.

To clarify… this system is for submitting Updates/Changes, on jobs/projects currently in production to management.

Whereby, Job Ticket’s/Work Order’s updates for improvements, then made in company’s industry-specific software, or System100 software.

As a result, when all production employees have access to the Job Ticket Update system, to make suggestions for improving production, nothing is left to chance or forgotten. In addition, all updates are track-able via System100™.

Other Elements
• Auto numbering
• Searchable also by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable

Reports in Given Period
• Job Ticket Updates
• Sort by Customer
• Person Requesting Update

Continual Improvement of the production processes reduces waste, therefore adding to the bottom-line.