System100 - Save ThousandsIf you’re looking for a great business management software system, try System100 – Save Thousands!

How Does System100™ save businesses thousands of dollars a year?

A powerful tool we call The System Buster Locator, an application inside our System100™ software, is able to save companies thousands of dollars per year by reducing waste and chaos.

We first proved these tools worked by using our own company as the prototype, where we tested and measured the results before making them available to other companies.

The System Buster tool is used to identify and find the root cause of system-busting, non-conforming events, and eliminate them permanently by using strategic Checklists, Procedures and other tools we provide with System100™.

How does it work?

When a System Buster Notification is submitted by an employee to management—alerting management of a system-busting event (i.e., an error)—management then meets with all those involved with the non-conforming event, in order to peel the onion and get down to the root cause; the reason for the error.

As a team, we determine whether the error was a Personal Error (i.e., where someone failed to adhere to a system such as a Quality Control Checklist); or whether it was a System Error, meaning there was a DEFECT in the current system, or there was NO system in place (i.e., a checklist or procedure which would have prevented the error from occurring).

If we determine that the current system is lacking a prompt to prevent the non-conforming event—we UPDATE that system, or develop a NEW system to insure the error will not be repeated.

You see, the System Buster Locator system empowers everyone in the company to be involved in correcting and improving systems/processes as a team.

We’ve been fixing system-busting events in our company and other companies, one event at a time, and measuring the savings in thousands of dollars per year.

Our book, System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business, details how we completely systemized our company over a period of ten years.

We did the work, so you don’t have to!