System100 Operations Manual | SOP Templates

System100 Operations Manual Software Developing an Operations Manual may seem like an overwhelming task. In fact, IT CAN BE, if starting from scratch. Our founder said his first detailed operation manual took years to build. For this reason,we have ready-to-go, customize-able TEMPLATES for building a comprehensive company procedure manual in a matter of months. Not Years!

Why Businesses Need an Operations Manual

Many small business owners say, “We only have a few employees, why do we need an Operations Manual?” By developing a company Operations Manual, it eliminates most of the frustrations small business owner face daily. Operations Manual allow you to delegate with confidence various tasks and projects. Moreover, they become the “Brain Trust” of the business. As a result, employees have easy access to information needed to do their job without interrupting the  owner or supervisor.

Frustrations of Small Business Owners

• I can’t leave the office for a minute without my cell phone ringing—Come Back! Boss, we have a problem.
• Why do I have to do everything myself, my employees just can’t seem to do anything right?
• Why is it so hard to find good people? My employees can’t seem to remember anything!
• My employees never seem to do the job, the way it should be done!

All business frustrations are due to the lack of a system. With that in mind, an operational procedures manual is the SYSTEM to fix business frustrations.

Personal Training on Building an Operations Manual

System100™ clients have access to our “cloud-based brain-trust” with hundreds of documents to use as SOP templates. In addition, they receive “live” coaching on editing the templates using System100’s Document Designer. In fact, clients are trained on how to build documents from scratch, if needed.

More excitingly, client are trained on creating custom systems in System100™ without need of a programmer. As a result, clients have a big advantage over their competition, in organizing their business systematically.

A certain Lean Management Consultant shared with us that building a detailed Operations Manual for a company could take years. We can attest to that! However, we have a secret sauce; a ready-to-go, editable Operations Manual with Document Management. Truthfully, this one feature in System100 BPM software would return a clients investment. In fact, we have a tool to measure a clients ROI – Return on Investment in System100 management software.