System100™ – Company Calendars

System100™ - Company Calendars System100™ – Company Calendars are much-needed for keeping everyone in the organization on same page. We have designed our calendars to support multiple Calendars for the various functions of a business. For example, Department Calendars, Individual Calendars, Production Calendars, etc.

You can set all types of events, i.e. meetings, company tours, call-backs, appointments and holidays etc. In addition, you can schedule public, private and recurring events. Moreover, you can set desktop pop-up reminders, as well as, email and text alerts.


Company-wide Calendars

Our Request for Leave system integrates with our Company-wide Calendar. Therefore, assuring employees aren’t requesting leave or vacation time for the same time period.  By posting vacation and time-off events on the company-wide calendar, everyone can see at-a-glance everyone’s vacation days and personal days.


Production/Service Calendars | Jobs & People

Our JobTraxx, aka ClientTraxx, ProjectTraxx also integrates with our Calendars. Therefore, everyone can see what jobs or services are scheduled on what day and time on our Production/Service Calendars. In addition, you can also schedule workers using these calendars.


Department Calendars

To ensure there is not too much information on the Company-wide calendars, System100™ supports having a calendar for every department in the company; therefore, avoiding confusion.


Individual Calendars

When management, or others in the company, need to have their appointments or other events kept PRIVATE, System100™ supports that, by allowing every user to have their own personal calendar. Individual calendars work well for Sales People and upper management. However, administrators with permission can view these calendars for obvious reasons.


All Calendars Integrate to the Scoreboard System | Must See Feature

Since all System100™ Calendars integrate with our Scoreboard system they are, thereby, view-able on large screen TV monitors in various locations throughout the building. For example, you could have one production calendar in one department, and another production calendar displaying in a second department.


Great for Sales and Other Department managers!

Everyone stays informed and connected; whether, in office, traveling or working from home.