System100™ Document Management – Repository

Document Management-RepositoryAre you wasting time looking for and using outdated company documents? Then, stop that frustration! System100™ Document Management-Repository Tool supports organizing company documents efficiently. In addition, supports easy-to-find and fast access to all users with permissions.

You can categorize your documents by departments, that you set-up and name, according to your company’s Organizational Chart. Whereby, each department has its own document repository along with unlimited customizable document folders and sub-folders. In addition, each department has its own customizable menu bar for easy access to systems related to the department.


Documents and Videos All Online in System100™

Download, review and edit any document in your repository from anywhere; right from System100.

In addition, think about developing your own training videos. Whereby they become easily accessible to users right from their own department with just a click. Moreover, Fast uploads, for any type file. Moreover, add links, videos, and photos right in your department’s document repository.


Time-Saving Document Management-Repository System

Example: If you have a New Hire, you could simply log-in System100, click on the Human Resource Department, where your orientation documents and videos should be located. Then, give the New Hire an orientation checklist and, with a click of the button, they are giving themselves the orientation! Therefore, you won’t need management spending hours giving an orientation with a systemized business.

Our ISO & LEAN clients find this feature extremely helpful.

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