System100 FAQIf you have questions about System100™, such as, how long does it take to get up and running? Browse our System100 FAQ to get the answer… System100™ setup, on-line and tested normally takes 12 to 24 hours.


What is a hosted software solution?

A software installed or sits at a remote facility, and is accessible through the Internet using a browser is a hosted solution. Click Here for more information

DEMO – If it is Live – Note: We have FREE Demo Video – See Home Page

Who should attend a LIVE Webinar Demonstration of System100™?

Owners and key managers. We suggest no more than two or three people attend at one time. We also recommend that every person attending the Webinar will have read our president’s book, System Busters, OR has spent time reviewing the materials on this Website. This will save time, and those attending the demo will have a better understanding of System100™ and its features going in. It also helps us to cover more ground in the demonstration.

How long is the Webinar LIVE Demonstration? 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many questions you need answered.

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How long does it take to get up and running?

Getting your System100™ setup, on-line and tested normally takes 12 to 24 hours.


How long will it take to fully-systemize my company?

3 to 6 months and in some cases 1 year, depending on the owner’s commitment.


Does the System100™ hosted package include all updates?



How often does System100™ go off-line?

In the past five years, our customers have reported only one incident of the system being off-line and that lasted for about two hours.

How secure is my data and your servers that host System100™?

Your System100™ data backed up daily. System100™ hosted on servers located in Austin, TX at a company called RACK SPACE. They are a premier company that specializes in the business of server and data management. They have multiple backup power systems and data lines, secured in a facility staffed 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year. Many prominent companies in the business of hosted solutions turn to this company for their data and server management expertise.


Can I host this application on my own servers?



MIS (Management Information System)

Is System100™ an MIS software?

YES, for certain industries, our system is a BPM (Business Process Management) system. Since System100 ™ is a very powerful Quality Control, CAPA Software, some industries use that aspect of the software. Because they have certain industry-specific MIS software already in use. Using System100™ has a positive impact on the way a company uses their MIS. In fact, by using the System Buster Locator application inside System100™, clients find they are moving closer to utilizing their MIS software to its maximum potential.


How does System100™ benefit ISO-certified companies?

By giving owners, managers and employees instant online access to the latest document revisions, and having a system to update and track ISO documents in a systematic way, allowing for more sustainability.


Are there any hidden fees?

NO, our pricing is posted on this site. Click Here for Pricing


What types of payment do you accept?

On companies in the United States we can set up monthly bank draft or use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Outside the United States we accept credit cards only.


Are all the features mentioned on the Website included in the price?

YES, you have the option to use all the applications, or turn off the ones that are not applicable to your business.


Can I suggest new enhancements for System100™?

We invite and encourage our customers to suggest enhancements for the continual improvement of System100™. We have a system for adding and tracking them, then we systematically program and implement them.

Is special customized programming available?

Yes, we have programmed special applications and enhancements for certain companies.

Is System100™ customizable by me?

Absolutely! System100™ designed to empower the user (with administrator permissions) to customize our feature-rich applications to fit ANY company’s culture and processes.


How do I get my employees to ‘buy in’ to your solution?

As Philip Beyer states in his book System Busters, “Systemizing a business starts at the TOP!” You, as the owner and leader, know the vision for your company, you know the costs. You need to make the decision to bring YOUR business to order. When YOU show commitment— your employees will BUY IN.



Do you have on-line Training Videos?

Yes. We have detailed, screen-captured videos with voice narration.

Do you offer ON-SITE training?

YES. Representatives of System100™, including Philip Beyer, are now available for visits up to 5 days with client management teams, regarding implementation. Onsite services include: Consulting and implementation of Quality Control systems; position documentation (Job Descriptions, Daily Routine Checklists, Sub-systems/ procedures); PowerPoint presentation seminars for management; group or individual hands-on training with a System100™ training specialist; hands-on training with the “100% System of Cleanliness” (5S); introduction to System100’s most unique tool for continuous improvement: The System Buster Locator; plus a companywide overview meeting with Philip Beyer and/or other System100™ representative.

Fees vary depending on desired services, number of days involved, and 1-3 representatives requested. Inquire at [email protected] or call Ebiz Products in Smyrna, TN at (615) 425-2652 or toll free 888-496-8180.

How long does initial training take on System100™?

There are 7 LIVE Webinar training sessions, each lasting 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Sessions scheduled one to two weeks apart, which will give you time to implement what you have learned. However, if you would like to accelerate your training, we want to be flexible.


What types of companies use System100?

System100™ is for ANY type of company or organization. Our customers include printing companies, plant nurseries, carwashes, disaster recovery companies, software companies, schools and others.

What size companies use System100?

We currently have customers with 5 to 200 employees.


What is the term length of the User Agreement?

One Year


Can I stop my monthly subscription at anytime?

Yes, once the term of your contract has been fulfilled (See MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION above).