System100™ – Fleet Management – Vehicle Maintenance

System100™ - Fleet ManagementIf you own a fleet of vehicles or just one, use System100™’s  Fleet Management – Vehicle Maintenance. In addition set up a Fleet Department checklist and track all vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. Assign a Preventative Maintenance Checklist for every major piece of equipment or vehicle. If a vehicle or a piece of equipment needs repair, use our Repair Request System.

Because, it’s simple for any user to submit a request to the person responsible for repairs!

From the admin side of the Repair Request System, you will see all information needed to document vehicle repairs.

  • Who made the repair
  • Parts replaced
  • Where parts purchased etc.

This information is vital when searching for past repairs. More importantly, this system replaces the old dusty repair manual that never seemed to be up-to-date, and ensures proper maintenance and repairs completion in a timely, cost-effective manner.