Why Small Business Stays Small There’s a simple reason why small business stays SMALL (usually with 5 to 10 employees). Fact is, most small business owners find themselves in a common situation of limited growth; failing to comprehend why they’re stuck at a certain level.

In short, their limited growth ceiling is due to a limited number of hours in the day. Practically speaking, a small business owner can only work so many hours a day to keep their business afloat and still have a LIFE!

Keeping customers satisfied and maintaining the thousands of other things for which business owners are responsible can be overwhelming.

For this reason, larger companies use effective systems that free owners from mundane, day-to-day operations. Moreover, it allows these owners to work on expanding their business without the usual chaos caused by growth. In fact, with effective systems they can FRANCHISE multiple locations, if desired.

To be fair, many small business owners prefer to stay small. To be sure, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, for those who intend to grow larger, this blog is for you!

How to Grow a Company Systematically?

To begin with, the owner, the TOP person in the organization, MUST make the all-important DECISION to do it. With that said, they should never make that decision by consensus; that is, waiting for employees to agree with the owner’s decisions to systemize.

More importantly, the owner should make the commitment to move forward no matter the obstacles, and pledge to NEVER TURN BACK!

Read or Listen to Books Regarding Business Systematization

  1. The E-myth by Michael Gerber
  2. System Busters; How to Stop Them in Your Business by yours truly.

These books will provide an in-depth view for how a systemized business looks and functions.

Acquire Browser-based BMP (Business Process Management) Software

Note: Recommended integrated features:

Benefits of Business Process Management Software

These are the key features to look for; however, owners should NOT become mesmerized by shiny objects that have little to do with systematizing a business, from OPENING TO CLOSING each day.

In short, don’t become SPELLBOUND by software salespeople peddling features that seem “cool,” but have little to do with stopping errors and miscommunications. More importantly, avoid software that does not support features that allow owners to DELEGATE systematically; whereby, freeing up the owner’s time.

Without software with the above features, it’s hard to delegate to employees, jobs and tasks, without constant oversight. Besides, employees don’t like constant over-the-shoulder management. Employees want to manage themselves. In fact, self-managed employees are cost effective, not to mention, HAPPY!

Note: At times, some businesses require “industry specific software.” However, if their software doesn’t have many of the above features, i.e. Quality Assurance Systems, then using more than one software will work fine. Also, a little double entry shouldn’t be a problem, especially if the company is saving thousands of dollars by having Quality Assurance systems.

How do I know?

Many companies with “industry specific software” use System100™ for Total Quality Management. For the simple reason, their software doesn’t support all the necessary features to systematize a business front to back.

Also, with these important features fully implemented, a business owner gains the FREEDOM to grow their business without constant interruptions. In fact, freedom to do whatever they choose!

To be sure, with this type of BMP software, a business owner can TURNKEY their company, which adds tremendous VALUE for operations. Also, for selling the business when desired.

Did I mention? Systems work for small or large business!