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job tracking softwareSystem100™ Job Tracking Software, designed for total job management with Quality Management as top priority.  Moreover, our job tracking solution is customizable for businesses desiring to track a variety of Job Types.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Entering a job into JobTraxx™ only takes minutes. In fact, whether inside or outside your facility, tracking and scheduling jobs is easy to do.

As a job moves through the production process, employees working on the job can change the Job Status. Therefore, it keeps everyone in the organization up-to-date.  As a result, Business Owners and/or Production Mangers can see at-a-glance all jobs in progress, in real-time.

JobTraxx™ integrates with our Document Designer to set up an infinite amount of customizable Job Tickets for On-boarding Clients—i.e. Cabinet Companies, Water Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Printing Companies, and many other small manufacturing and service companies.

Consequently, if you can think it, you can build it!

In addition, you can color-code Jobs/Projects to easily locate various jobs in-progress. This comes in handy, if you have a long list of jobs/projects. For Example: Normal turnaround jobs can be in black; Rush jobs can appear in red; etc.

If working from home or traveling, and you want to see Job’s In-progress, simply log-in to your System100™ site, and click on JobTraxx. It’s that easy, because, it’s ONLINE—in the CLOUD!


JobTraxx™ supports scheduling multiple people on a job; whereby, management can see everyone’s location. So, even after a job closes, management still has access to all old job data.


JobTraxx also integrates with our System100™ Calendar, so when starting a new job, it automatically posts the job or project to the calendar for easy tracking—by month, week or day. Whereas, enabling everyone in the organization to see jobs in-progress and status.

Equipment Tracking

Do you ever misplace equipment?  JobTraxx™ schedules and tracks equipment; whereby, management can see at-a-glance the current location, or its last location. Also important, holding accountable those responsible for the equipment.


Our Job Tracking Module features a Photo Section so you can take pictures on mobile phones or tablets and upload them quickly to JobTraxx. In addition, those with permission have instant access to all job photos.

Job Materials

JobTraxx features a Job Materials Section, in which you can add job-related purchase orders or miscellaneous job receipts. Therefore, you can track job material costs, instantly.

Labor Cost and Time

Our Job Tracking Software also integrates directly with our TimeTraxx system, which gives you job labor costs with a click of a button.

Quality Management & Document Management

JobTraxx™ features a Quality Management System for tracking all Quality Assurance documents related to a job. Such as, quality assurance checklists, customer-signed documents, and all other documents pertaining to a job or project. As a result, when all related documents are submitted, they are auto-linked to the appropriate job in JobTraxx’s for easy access and tracking.

In Progress Jobs – Large Screen Monitors

In addition, when using our Scoreboard system, everyone can see all in-progress jobs/projects on large-format TV monitors. Therefore, no longer needed are White Boards and Excel spreadsheets for posting jobs.

Other Job Tracking Elements

Also supported is, sorting and printing a list of jobs/projects in-progress. Plus, we support various searching methods for finding any job/project quickly.

  • Auto-numbering
  • Searchable by Assigned Number
  • Search by Keyword
  • Equipment location
  • People location
  • Labor Job Cost per Individual
  • Total Job Cost of Labor
  • Material Job Cost
  • Photo Tracking
  • Purchase Order and Receipt Tracking on Job Related Materials

Reports by Given Period

  • Job Name or Number
  • Job Ticket Type
  • Employee