Sticky Business SystemsSticky Business Systems that keep working continuously require much more than just organizing work processes with a few printed forms, verbal instructions, and/or installing simple Management Software. Implementing sustainable businesses systems—systems that STICK—takes commitment, leadership and time.

When first setting out on the mission to stop the chaos in our company, by installing written systems, we had trouble sustaining them, because they were NOT sticky systems. This tempted me to throw in the towel and go back to business as usual. However, instead of giving up, I determined to take a fresh look at my original vision and the reason I made the decision to change.

Our “business as usual” meant—everyone did things the WAY they wanted to, WHEN they wanted to, and sometimes IF they wanted to. However, having standard operating procedures, along with accountability for using them was crucial, if our business was going to survive and thrive!

A fresh outlook and some in-depth research led me to the “WAY” to implement written processes that people used consistently —100% of the time—business systems that would STICK. More importantly, once implemented, I personally didn’t have to manage people to ensure ALL processes were being used correctly. Now, that little secret enabled us to move forward with our mission of building a great turnkey business!

What Exactly are Sticky Business Systems?

It begins with a closely audited network of interacting written PROCEDURES, POLICIES, and QUALITY & SERVICE CONTROL CHECKLISTS, etc. This establishes an OPERATIONS MANUAL that contains all the processes that run a company from opening to closing.

This Operations Manual is to be accessible to every member of the organization; whereby, giving clear information to all, therefore empowering people to do their job without constant supervision.

Now, to keep your systems from coming unglued…

Here’s the STICKY Part…

Systems stop running, or become unglued, because there is a GAP in the system. The gap or hole is: no follow-up system to ensure people stay the course.

Think of a system as a circuit board an engineer designs and then tests until it works perfectly. It should not have any breaks or gaps in the circuit, unless it is a planned break. The more you refine and close the gaps in a system, the more continuously it will operate, with less and less effort.

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Owners and managers are often seen as fire fighters in a business. The simple truth is, there are “gaps” in their overall business system—the root cause of the fire.

When small business owners and managers grow tired of fighting business fires, and weary of the chaos, we recommend a “special glue” for assembling those STICKY SYSTEMS!

The Secret Sauce Glue for Building Sticky Business Systems

The secret sauce for sticky business systems is, implementing ANOTHER system!  YES, another important system! It’s called The System Buster Locator, aka CAPA – Corrective Action – Preventive Action. If a system breaks, you FIX it with this system. It’s a system for tracking and auditing ALL systems. More importantly, it’s for finding the ROOT CAUSE of any system, when a process stops working or needs updating for improving operations. In other words, The System Buster Locator is the “secret sauce,” the “glue” that binds all systems together, ensuring ALL systems are STICKING.

Folks, this is not just a theory, it’s a fact!  It’s the missing ingredient; it’s a system to make all other systems cohesive. Moreover, a “sticky system” we developed, tested, retested and still rely on today.

SUPER GLUE?  Our book, that explains how we did it.  “System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your Business”!

Did I mention?  Great Systems Work!