An AI Solution to Stop Stupid MistakesAn AI Solution to Stop Stupid Mistakes? Really!

Folks, there’s only one GUARANTEED way to stop stupid, yes, STUPID business mistakes.
It’s a non-human PROMPTER!

Imagine an “all-seeing A-I robot” overseeing every process; warning and prompting every employee, in order to ensure all work is error-free.
However, we all know that constant over-the-shoulder management by AI Robots is not practical for small businesses.

Although we have great tools like computers and automated machinery to reduce mistakes, HUMANS must input correct data into these tools, or mistakes still happen.
Which brings us back to the PROMPT!

Who is the PROMPTER in most small businesses?

Usually, it’s the business owner or a manager. And sadly, when the “prompter” is away or distracted doing THEIR own work, stupid business mistakes happen.

BUT the fact is, in most cases, the employees are left to prompt themselves!