What Small Business Owners FearIt’s said, the number ONE human fear is public speaking, but I would suggest: small business owners making sales calls, ranks right up there with public speaking for some.

Especially, the dreaded COLD CALL!

These owners read every article around, attend seminars, and watch videos on sales and marketing. However, instead of getting out there and facing those fears, many turn to salespeople to do the job for them.

Nothing wrong with that!

But, by using that method, many owners never truly understand the process of sales… the good, the bad and the ugly.

Hiring salespeople is a good thing; but again, without a good working knowledge of the step-by-step process of sales and marketing, this will lead to some BAD HIRES.

Unless you are extremely FORTUNATE!

Every small business owner knows, their number one priority is acquiring business. For the simple reason, that without sales, NOTHING happens!

We’ve learned a thing or two about Selling and Marketing through many years of small business ownership.

ONE is, salespeople sell THEMSELVES to FEARFUL business owners.