Gapless Business SystemA golden wedding ring is an unbroken circle, representing a union; moreover, one that’s meant to LAST a lifetime. In the same manner, a business system needs to LAST; a union or unbroken circle of processes. In other words, a GAP-LESS BUSINESS SYSTEM without any missing steps in the overall process of how the business operates.

To be sure, a GAP-LESS BUSINESS SYSTEM (no gaps) will LAST, without stalling or coming to a complete stop. This “perpetual ring of systems,” once installed in a business, becomes a like a GOLDEN RING!


Sadly, the average small business owner does NOT understand the significance of an unbroken circle of processes, the GAP-LESS BUSINESS SYSTEM. Therefore, many will remain bogged down in mundane operations that don’t work seamlessly and without errors. That type of operation causes rework, miscommunications and other types of waste. As a result, those small business owners MUST BE ON-SITE almost constantly, to keep their business running.

Obtaining the Golden Ring

Only those who don’t faint in the face of opposition achieve a totally organized business via well-designed systems; one with no gaps.  As a result, these ACHIEVERS own a turnkey business that keeps running and giving, even when they’re not onsite. Isn’t this THE DREAM of small business owners worldwide? In fact, once a small business owner obtains the GOLDEN RING, the gap-less business system, they obtain the GOLDEN GOOSE!

Consider the following:

Why do growing companies add more and more managers?

They insert managers and assistant managers to deal with the chaos, caused by the gaps in their systems.

Why do companies have so many meetings?

Again, gaps in the system ring causes it to stall or stop. Therefore, management usually calls meetings to deal with the frustrations, caused by the gaps. However, without finding the root cause of a frustration and implementing a system to fill the gap, frustrations persist. As a result, management needs more and more meetings to deal with the repeat frustrations, i.e. errors, miscommunications caused by a gap in a step-by-step process. Unfortunately, meetings caused by such “gaps” are costly!

Results of GAPS/HOLES in a System | System Busters

Errors, miscommunications, late deliveries, bottlenecks, unnecessary interruptions, lost inventory, etc. ALL result from a GAP in the system. We, at Ebiz Products LLC, call these type problems and frustrations, “System Busters”! Others business professionals call them non-conforming events. More importantly than their name, they cause lost profits, stress, discouragement, internal un-civil war, and even business failure. Therefore, you need to reach for the obtainable golden ring of a GAP-LESS BUSINESS SYSTEM. And stop the system-busting events that cause frustration, and rob everyone of their peace.

Types of Systems/Documents Contained in a Gap-less Business System

Service Control Checklists, Quality Control Checklists, Procedures, Policies, Job Descriptions, Daily Routine Checklists, and Orientation Checklists, etc. These documents work together, as they form an unbroken union, a Symphony of Order in a small business.

Keys for Document Design for a Gap-less Business System? 

  • Context and Understanding

For all members of the organization to easily understand every word in the document/system, the actions or activity to be performed, must be plainly described.

  • Participation

Before implementing a system, everyone affected by the system/document should share their ideas. As a result, management has better understand of how the system impacts the business. In addition, those affected by a system should also be involved in testing, revising and updating the system.

  • Standardization

Name all references and terms the same, to avoid confusion. For example: don’t refer to an item in one document as a cell phone, and in another document as a mobile phone. Moreover, it’s better to only use one or two fonts to standardize.

  • Completeness

Most importantly, there should be no gaps in the information, logic, or design of a process.

  • Compliance

A systematic follow-up system is what SUSTAINS all systems. Likewise, it ensures systems are correctly used.

  • Referencing

Referencing a system/document to other frequently-used systems/documents, ensures they it will not be lost and, therefore, forgotten.

  • Final Approval

The head of the organization, the small business owner, should give the FINAL approval to ALL documents/systems. In the first place, the owner knows the system and how it’s designed to work from start to finish. We, at Ebiz Products LLC, believe that organization starts at the top. However, others can have the task of building. But again, the owner should give final approval.

This type of a GAP-LESS BUSINESS SYSTEM is implemented all over America, i.e. McDonald’s, Toyota, Starbucks, etc. But, more importantly, thousands of small business owners, seeking job shop management software and small manufacturing software, have come to understand, not only the need of a good software, but the need for a GOLDEN RING BUSINESS SYSTEM. The true mark of ownership of a business.

But, did I mention—Great Systems Work!

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