Coincidental and Purposeful Business Ownership Coincidental and purposeful business ownership is the typical way small businesses start or continue.

From that viewpoint, inheriting a family business, because of birthright, is mostly coincidental.

Also, acquiring a business is coincidental, when an owner has no relative to whom he/she would pass it on. In that case, they may choose someone inside their business to take it over. As such, that someone, being at the right place at the right time, is totally coincidental.

Many times, “purposeful ownership” is by those having business experience as managers, salespeople, or technicians. These have decided to try their hand at starting a business; believing, if their current boss can do, they can do it!

Entrepreneurs will also purposefully start up a business, because they envision an opportunity. They see an untapped market, or a problem they believe a new business would solve.

Typically, many entrepreneurs have LITTLE to NO experience in business ownership; but an enormous amount of “purposeful decision-making courage.”

Corralling Chaos | the Struggle of all Businesses

Whether business ownership is “coincidental” or “purposeful,” they ALL struggle with DISORDER. In other words, they all fight daily with non-conforming events such as mistakes and employee miscommunication.

What separates them is, the “purposeful” business owner sees disorder and does whatever it takes to FIX IT permanently!

Many new “coincidental” business owners ACCEPT chaos as “normal.” They likely became accustomed to disorder in their workplace, due to years spent as an employee, or being part of a family business.

We’re happy to report, many owners are well down the road on their march to ZERO errors and miscommunications. These decisive owners have implemented purposeful, continual improvement in every area of their business

Fact is, whether a “coincidental” or a “purposeful” business owner, the list of systematic control tools below will help ensure success and growth.

However, the implementation of such control tools must be PURPOSEFUL!

Control Tools for Removing Operational Messes

To be certain, these tools are a business owner’s key to obtaining freedom from disorder, and freedom to do things they’ve always dreamed of, but never had the time.

Did I mention? Great system work for decisive business owners!