MIS Management Information System Software

MIS Management Information System SoftwareThe System100™ MIS Management Information System Software, is the cutting edge in business management software! It is not only a Management Information System, but also considered ERP and BPM Software. System100™ is perfect for small job shops, trade shops and small service companies.More importantly, System100 has multiple features; tools to operate a small business from front to back. In addition, it’s user-friendly; making staff training easy. Management will be able to hit the ground running in just a matter of days.

What is MIS Management Information System software?

MIS is Management Information System software that allows a small business to use a system of integrated software features to manage the company. In other words, it automates most business processes usually done manually.

Simply stated, a Management Information System is a computer-based system that provides owners and managers the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage all aspects of a business… i.e. All Departments. Therefore, tracking current and past information so management can quickly evaluate.

What’s the Bottom-line? | What Separates System100™?

Most MIS Management Information System software for Small Business DO NOT feature Quality Assurance Systems that contain online QC Checklists, assuring correct performance of work. However, everyone looking to grow their business knows that QUALITY is what can separate a business from its competitors.

Create Custom Business Systems

A ground-breaking part of System100™ is, management can implement countless changes, and create custom systems, without the need of custom programming. Therefore, allowing administrator to customize the software to mirror the way their business operates.

Production & Service Scheduling

Schedule jobs, services, projects with our Scheduling and Tracking features. Perfect for a small manufacturing or service company seeking systematization.

Seeing is believing, so see and believe!

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