Power to Tread on ChaosThere is only one way to attain power to tread on chaos in business operations! In short, you must take dominion, by harnessing the root cause of chaos.

Therefore, systemizing workflow processes, equipment maintenance, and human resources, etc. is KEY.

In addition, KNOWING exactly what every employee does, from the time they arrive at work, until their departure.

In all sincerity, developing tools to confront and permanently remove chaos is NOT for the faint of heart. To be blunt, it takes courage, unwavering commitment, and integrity to achieve power to tread on chaos!

Okay, this may sound a bit melodramatic. However, for those owners who have confronted the evils in business, caused by CHAOS; understand, “wimpy leaders” should not tread these grounds without expecting massive opposition from employees.

Surprisingly, even the most capable managers WILL OPPOSE personal accountability when faced with the truth, that STOPPING chaos takes 100% commitment on their part.

For this very reason, owners’ fearing the loss of talented managers or employees tend to back down when confronted with this level of opposition. As a result, THE OWNER continues tolerating errors and countless business dysfunction, causing them discouragement. As a result, managers and employees remain satisfied with NOT having systemized accountability.

Yes, its back to “business as usual” and a “loosey-goosey” family atmosphere!

Interestingly, these same business owners, who tolerate substandard services and products in their own business, DEMAND higher standards from other businesses they patronize.

Treading Tools for Removing Chaos

To be perfectly clear, as a business owner, if you believe systematic removing of business chaos is a bunch of nonsense then, for YOU, you’re RIGHT. In truth, the power of CAN and CAN’T is in the tongue.

For those business owners who seek ORDER, and boldly assert an “I CAN” spirit, keep reading.

The top three tools used by many companies to assure great quality products and services, AND to gain market share, are the following:

  1. Quality Prompting Controls

Tools for assuring nothing is left to chance in performing product and service processes. AKA, Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems.

  1. Employee Job Accountability Control

To be clear, this type of control is NOT a simple Job Description. It’s a LIST of call-to-action prompts, assuring all employees know what their daily job duties are, and procedures for doing them; from their time of arrival, until leaving.

In fact, EVERY prompt or call-to-action for performing a detailed process, a written procedure of that process should link back to the prompt.

With this systematic step-by-step method, owners and manager can avoid the “looking-over-the-shoulder, hands-on” method of management. With Employee Daily Routine checklist/tools owners attain more time and power to tread on more evils of chaos.

  1. PM Controls

Preventive Maintenance and Repair of equipment, vehicles, building and more, again utilizes call-to-action prompts, whereby assuring completion and documentation of ALL maintenance and repair on every KEY company asset.

Did I mention? Great systems provide dominion over dysfunction!