The Magoo Syndrome in BusinessIs your business afflicted with The Magoo Syndrome?”

Hopefully, you  remember in the Magoo cartoon, while Mr. Magoo was smiling, singing and enjoying his day while bedlam was breaking out all around him, it was the OTHER people who were the recipients of his erratic and hazardous handling of his vehicle.

Those OTHERS were the ones crashing into each other; constantly trying to avoid wrecks and having to pay for Magoo’s recklessness.
In the real world, being oblivious is not quite as funny as in the Magoo cartoons.
The Mr. Magoo’s in business risk NOT landing on their feet, eventually.

They will pay a high premium by failing to pay attention to certain others around them, operating as if they haven’t a care in the world.
Well, there’s a cure for The Magoo Syndrome.

Yet despite his blindness, somehow Mr. Magoo managed to avoid one near disaster after another!

For all my VEHICULAR challenges, it’s easy for me to see The Magoo Syndrome is prevalent with many business owners and managers.

Many seem either unaware or indifferent to the pitfalls, errors, bottlenecks, interruptions, and miscommunications others see.

Not to mention, the clutter of paper and other materials strewn all around their offices and plants!

Amazingly, if you bring it to their attention, they’ll likely say, “Yes, yes, I see it, but we’re still making a profit. And besides, we don’t have time to clean up the mess. That’s the way it’s ALWAYS been around here!”