Don't Adverstise What You Can't DeliverHonestly, Don’t Advertise What You Can’t Deliver”

Because, in the LONG RUN, “Honesty will always be the best policy!

However, to be fair, most small business owners, when first starting out, really believe they can deliver what they advertise.

For the simple reason, the owner usually oversees ALL of work; so they maintain the belief they can deliver on what they promise.

The problem with that thinking is, as the business begins to grow, the owner starts losing control over the work along with the promises they made.

Not to mention, what their employees are doing at any given time.

It’s a well-known fact in business that errors and employee miscommunications increase exponentially as sales increase.

Moreover, when a business grows to around ten to fifteen employees, the owner can lose substantial control over the quality of product and service.

The beginnings of a poor reputation!

That’s when new customers walk in the front door, and existing customers walk out the back door.

Nevertheless, even knowing this, many owners just keep advertising great quality and service.

Truth is, without control systems, NO company can promise consistent quality and on-time service!