Enemies of On Time Delivery7 Enemies of On Time Delivery shared here.

As an owner I never wanted to get that call from a client saying “Where’s my job you promised? Philip I told you told you how important it was to have that delivered on time.

The truth is after we systematized production to guarantee on-time delivery along with a method to measure our success. The result was we delivered error free printing 99.7% on time every time. That’s the truth.

When implementing those systems we identified the 7 main enemies of On Time Delivery. Some of these may surprise you and others you’ve seen countless times disrupting your own delivery schedule.

Let’s get to it!

The first enemy is Data entry errors.

When wrong or incomplete job specs are entered when on-boarding a new job, it causes slowdowns and even complete stops in production, not to mention it’s one of the root causes of errors.

With incomplete data, production workers have to interrupt other departments like calling customer service or having customer service call the client or the client’s salesperson, to get the missing specs for the job.

Instead of gathering ALL that information at the very beginning.

NOT GOOD! Lost time and money.

Nevertheless, this is really an easy fix.

Watch the entire video and see the other enemies of On Time Delivery.