Resolving Conflicts in BusinessHow to resolve conflicts in a business varies in methodology.  Some companies use meetings to inform employees of conflicts, and for resolving them. Using this method, the agreed-upon solution to a conflict must be committed to employees’ memory. Hopefully, this will ensure everyone gets on the same page.

Sounds like a simple enough way to “resolve” a conflict, doesn’t it? But, think about the word “resolve.” Break it down into its syllables, “RE” & “SOLVE.”

“RE” is a prefix meaning “again,” or “again and again,” showing repetition. “SOLVE” means to settle or find a permanent solution to a problem or dispute.

Therefore, RE-solving conflicts, using meetings, forces management to schedule continuous costly meetings in order to KEEP everyone on the same page; hoping conflicts remain solved.

Resolve Conflicts in Business, Permanently

The best method for resolving conflicts in business is, using “PROMPT power.” In short, using the “prompt” for resolving problems or disputes ensures—SOLVING conflicts permanently.

For deeper understanding, consider the following: the human mind forgets nearly half of what it learns within 1 hour. Shockingly, humans forget almost two-thirds of previously learned information within 24 hours. This statistic is known as, the Hermann Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

With this statistic available for consideration, the “prompt” is the perfect solution for SOLVING conflicts in business, permanently.

Why? Because, a prompt never FORGETS!

How do I know?

As shared many times, we saw conflicts in our business reduced to near zero year after year, using “prompt power.”  Fact is, we proved this statistical measurement using our System Buster Locator.

Conflict Solutions Documented

To aid forgetful humans, when solutions for conflicts find agreement, permanently documenting the results is necessary.

For this reason, lawyers use written contracts and agreements to solve disputes or potential future problems among humans. Again, humans simply forget!

Using the method of documentation, there is no need to have continuous meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. They just simply read the document.

Fact is, this is how you systemize a business. Conflicts are SOLVED using documented systems, i.e. contracts, policies, procedures, and quality assurance checklists. Also known as, an Operations Manual.

Consequently, it’s crucial that all employees have easy access to all documents containing the all-important prompts. Whereby, employees can manage themselves using the power of prompts.

BPM Conflict Solvers

Business Process Management (BPM) is the tool for SOLVING, not RE-SOLVING conflicts.

In fact, it is the most powerful tool for building processes and systems with “never-forgetting prompts,” ensuring quality of service and product.

Did I mention? Great systems are conflict solvers!