Day of Small ThingsAre you a “Big-Picture” person? Many business professionals would say “yes,” implying that the mundane details of business processes are NOT for them. “That’s for others to cope with!” they say. However, since many owners despise ANY day of small things, crucial details go unattended, causing continuous frustrations.

Fact is, the seemingly small details of business operations, left unattended, lead to costly mistakes and employee miscommunications.

You would think “big-picture” people, i.e., owners and managers, would get a BIG taste of reality, knowing disorder is plaguing their business. Surely, they’ve missed the fact that, “the devil is in the details.” Moreover, those devilish, often trivialized “small things” can lead to big heartaches for everyone working in the business.

Most certainly, “big picture” people are necessary; those with the vision of how a company should look and operate. However, without getting the humdrum details of business processes SYSTEMATIZED, the “big picture” may become a big blur; an illusion coming with great cost.

Admittedly, working out the specifics of workflow, policies, employee orientation, equipment maintenance, employee daily routines, etc., is tedious. BUT, after documenting those mundane details into a comprehensive operation manual, rest assured, there will be more time for visionary work.

Appreciating the Day of Small Things | Changes Lives

Owning a small business can change the course of history for a big-picture person, and their family. To prosper a business peacefully, we urge everyone to consider creating a system for delegating their big-picture ideas. This will assure a more successful implementation.

An effective delegating tool is a Task/Project Management System. In short, its a solution for breaking down visionary ideas into small steps and delegating them to various staff. Thus, the staff can report back to the “big-picture” person systemically, on the status of the implementation.

This is not rocket science! However, understanding removing every business frustration REQUIRES a system is essential.

In fact, “rare birds,” those tenacious achievers around the world, recognize the awesome power of systematization. For this reason, the boldly engage the critical small things discovered in the core of great business systems. These are the entrepreneurs and business owners who KNOW, the process of continual improvement is KEY to sustaining a business long-term! And, more important, growing a business peacefully.

Other KEY systems that address the small, mundane processes in a business are:

Once understanding the capability of these types of systems to transform a business from average to excellent, the day of despising small things becomes history. All things become new and fun.

Did I mention? Great systems work to manage the smallest of things!

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