The Silver Bullet Business SystemWhen hearing business owners complain about employees not adhering to company protocol, we point them to a very simple solution. What’s known as “The Silver Bullet Business System” is the answer to their problem. As we often state, the answer to every frustration in business is a system!

The Silver Bullet Business System is the ultimate solution for stopping “profit vampires” dead-in-their-tracks. In fact, it permanently prevents those non-conforming parasites draining the life blood out of a business, via stupid mistakes, miscommunications and countless unnecessary waste.

Consequently, only a special bullet, a “secret sauce” will stop them COLD.

Surprisingly, only the fearless and courageous, the “Lone Rangers” of business, use this special bullet; those willing to confront ALL opposition to their quality standards. But most importantly, those who take the lead and full responsibility for implementing systematic defensive actions, aka written SOP’s.

However, before sharing this hidden gem for stopping employee noncompliance to company processes—exposing owner blindness is key to success.

Simply stated, it’s NOT the employee who’s at fault for noncompliance, it is the BUSINESS OWNER!

Leadership Starts at the Top

Make no mistake, leadership starts at the top. Moreover, employees need to know what their jobs are, and the processes for which each is responsible. Furthermore, ALL key processes in a business should be in written form. In addition, employees given quick and easy access to them.

Employees do not like to be micro-managed. Therefore, giving them written systems will allow them to manage themselves without constant oversight by upper management.

The Silver Bullet Business System – A System of Follow-up

Without a system for follow-up, ALL systems will continue to falter and come to a dead stop. When that happens, business owners become frustrated and eventually experience burn-out, due to overwhelming disorder.

How do I know?

When implementing systems to stop the chaos in our business, we experienced what ALL businesses, small or large, experience. That is, employee noncompliance to company processes and/or policies. Consequently, mistakes and miscommunications occurred, causing slowdowns, late jobs and services. Without systems, it resulted in lost time and bottlenecks, not to mention low employee morale.

Okay, here it is!

“The Silver Bullet Business System” is just a metaphor for the CAPA system used by well-organized businesses. It’s THE method for correcting and preventing noncompliance to company SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures & Policies), permanently.

This method is also known as, The System Buster Locator,” developed by our company and used by businesses around the world. We detail how to setup and implement this system in our book System Busters. We also have hundreds of articles for systematizing businesses on this website.

Did I mention? Great systems work!