customer experience mappingYou’ve probably heard the term Customer Experience Mapping being touted these days in the business world.  So, what is it?

Customer Experience Mapping allows for diagrams that illustrate the stages customers go through while interacting with a business. This includes buying products directly or online.

Anything from engaging customer service by phone or email, to handling complaints, shipments, change orders, and so on, is the PROCESS!

We want to provide our customers an experience that lets them know they are important to us; that “warm, fuzzy feeling,” as one customer called it. Moreover, an experience that prompts them to say, “WOW, they GET IT, about quality and service. I would recommend them to anyone!”

I’m always happy to hear about new business terms and technologies through our clients. Our clients love to share what they learn, as they attend seminars and conferences throughout a wide variety of industries.

What Great Systems Really Are

“Robert,” one of our restoration industry clients, energized after attending a conference on Customer Experience Mapping, called to tell me all about it.

“Philip, I was excited to realize, we’d had this Customer Experience Mapping already in place for the past several years!” He said that had separated his company from the competition by a long shot.

“I guess you know,” Robert said, “the quality control systems we implemented with your help IS a Customer Experience Map!I ”

Yes, I knew that. But, it’s always music to my ears when a business owner gets the big picture like that!

Customer Service Mapping Wins Customers

Robert had picked up a few extra tips at the seminar, and simply updated his various control systems.

Viola,” he said, “the new ideas became part of our system. It provides our customers with that warm, fuzzy feeling about our company.”

He added, “The question I ask myself and my employees is, how do we produce a job that produces MORE jobs?”

I love this business owner’s simple, down-to-earth explanation of why systems work!

You see, a diagram of Customer Experience Mapping is a great document to have in your Operations Manual. However, if the map is not put into action through a series of prompts in a written control checklist, the experience you are hoping to provide will NOT happen on a consistent basis.

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!