Business BugsMany small businesses reside in neglected conditions, whereby “business bugs” creep about wreaking havoc in company operations.

Not to be confused with computer software bugs, these “bugs” cause HUMAN errors and miscommunications, along with other visible disorder.

As a result of their continual attacks, poor quality and service becomes the norm. Moreover, they eat away at profits with little intervention from management or the business owner.

When a company has no form of controls for getting rid of business bugs permanently, these non-conforming critters increase in numbers. Therefore, business operations bottleneck from the assault.

The Common Bug Control

The most common method of control for business bugs is, management simply “fixes” any mistake by REWORK.  Sadly, the business bug that caused the mistake slips away, only to reemerge later, causing more havoc. In short, another bite of profit!

Using this method of simply quick-fixing an error, management fools itself into believing they’ve killed the bug. Truth is, they only removed the bug temporally. Like all pests, complete extermination of their nest or points of entry is critical. Otherwise, they will return.

How do I know?

Frankly, we had an infestation of these “business bugs” in our early years in business. In fact, we became so familiar with these vermin from hell; we actually gave them a name.

We called these bugs, “system busters.” The reason is, these bugs continually BUSTED our early attempts at systematization.

However, we found the “HOW TO” solution: How to implement systems that worked!

Yes, it was a SYSTEM for IMPLEMENTING new systems, or CHANGING an existing system.

The System Buster Exterminator!

After naming those pesky bugs of non-conformance, “system busters,” it was only natural to call the remedy for destroying these pests—The System Buster Locator!

A SYSTEM for SYSTEMS! A “secret sauce” that became the exterminator of chaos in our business.

In other words, we found a SYSTEM that removed “business bugs” permanently. Importantly, using this system, we could not only see their decline, but were able to measure in dollars the money saved by removing them.

For added information, there is another common name for The System Buster Locator. It’s known as CAPA (Corrective Action–Preventive Action). In brief, it’s also a system for identifying, tracking, investigating root causes, and creating a system for prevention. It also ensures employee training on any new system that’s added to the company’s Operations Manual.

Non-toxic Solutions are Gaining Acceptance

Some other names of non-toxic solutions for removing business bugs are: Business Process Management, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Preventive Maintenance, Job and Service Tracking, and Employee Time Tracking—SOFTWARE.

These are systems gaining acceptance among small businesses throughout the world.

How do I know?

We are in constant contact with business owners and managers all over the globe.

They are using these low-cost, feature-rich systems that transform a business from a “Mom & Pop” business, to a valuable, organized, turnkey business.

You can be a part of the revolution in business process management.

Did I mention? Great systems work to debug your business!