Why Most Management Software StinksThe reason why most management software stinks is, they lack certain key ingredients to solve a business owner’s dis-organizational frustrations!

While featuring nice bells and whistles for tracking jobs and services, aka work, they leave the business owner high and dry, when it comes to organization. In short, stopping errors and miscommunication.

Most small business owners assume, by purchasing expensive Management Software it will solve most of their troubles.

In fact, many times their troubles worsen, because they’ve only added another responsibility to their plate. Consequently, being the go-to person for most everything, an owner must NOW ensure that their employees USE the new software correctly. This is where the perception that “most management software stinks” starts for small business owners.

To be fair, Management Information Software vendors are NOT responsible for a businesses poor use of their software.

For this reason, implementation of business software is MOST EFFECTIVE with a SYSTEM that assures correct and continual conformance.

What’s Lacking in Most Management Software

Back in the1990’s, we purchased our first management software for our printing company. Unfortunately, although it helped with tracking jobs, work process dysfunction was still the norm. For this reason, we looked to other solutions for answers.

I read everything I could get my hands on about business organization, to FIX our frustrations. Books about ISO (International Standards Organization), Six Sigma and The Emyth started a quest for a software that would provide more than tracking workflow. Consequently, not finding the solution to stop the chaos in our business, a new career began for me!

Understandably, when small business owners encounter the acronym ISO, their first thought is, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

For this reason, we took complex business management systems to an easy-to-understand level, with tools like the System Buster Locator and other organizational solutions for the small business owner.

Given these points, most management software lacks many of the following features that are necessary to TURNKEY a business:

  1. CAPA (Corrective Action/Preventive Action) aka The System Buster Locator.
  2. Daily Routine Systems for ALL key employees.
  3. Quality Assurance Systems for EVERY key workflow process.
  4. HR Systems such as, Leave Request, Orientation Systems, Training Systems etc.
  5. Procedures for ALL processes, even the quite simple i.e. Sending samples to Customers.
  6. Policies to ensure everyone is on the small page.

What Most Small Business Owners Lack

Before a small business owner spews out the words, “my management software stinks,” they need to ask themselves a few questions:

  1. Am I the leader, the LEAD SHIP in our business? Did I take the lead role in implementing our management software, whereby I understand all its capabilities? In short, do I procrastinate and blame others for errors, poor performance and poor use of tools, when I’ve given NO clear understanding and direction to employees?
  2. Do I rule by consensus, whereby allowing employees to make key decisions for MY vision?
  3. Have I made the commitment to quality, which includes not only product and service, but the culture and the cleanliness of the workplace?
  4. Do I OWN the business, or just have a difficult JOB inside my business?

There’s more to know; however, the point should be clear.

Did I mention? Great systems work and they don’t STINK!